​​Watercrafts that fall under the category of "boat" are small powerboats and sailboats.

Physical Damage
Physical damage and liability are usually covered under boat insurance Physical damage coverage will pay to repair or replace your boat if it were damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, lightning, vandalism or windstorm The boat itself is covered, outboard motors, boats trailer, and personal property theft of items located on the boat.

Liability coverage
Liability coverage will protect in the event in which you are the cause of damage to property or an injury to someone other than you or a family member Liability coverage is usually purchased in increments of $100,000 up to $1 million Liability is very important and can cause just as much financial harm as physical damage.


Yacht insurance generally covers any watercraft that is around 26 feet. Typically larger sailboats, cruisers, and fishing boats fit under the Boat Insurance Quote's yacht category. Yacht insurance is a lot like boat insurance and it has two main types of coverage. Instead of being called property damage and liability, they are called hull coverage and property and indemnity coverage. 

Hull Coverage
If your yacht is damaged due to a fire, theft, windstorm, lightning or vandalism hull coverage will pay to repair it. Hull coverage generally will cover the whole yacht. Sails, furniture, outboard motors, and anything used to operate the yacht will be covered. Even dinghies and trailers may be covered under separate policies. 

Protection and indemnity coverage
Protection and indemnity coverage is the same as liability for boat insurance, and pays for damage to property or injury to someone other than yourself or a family member. Just like boat liability insurance yacht insurance is usually offered in $100,000 up to more than $1 million. 

Hurricane Coverage
If a hurricane is approaching a yacht owner can usually buy a hurricane protection endorsement. It basically pays to take your yacht out of the water if a hurricane watch or warning is issued. It also would pay to cover the costs of hiring a professional to get your boat to a safe harbor because of a threatening hurricane approaching. 

Navigational Warranties
A navigational warranty restricts a yacht to a certain area. If your yacht is in the region then it's covered. The region can cover the entire East or West Coast or as small as a Bay. If you would like to plan a trip outside of your navigational warranty area, trip endorsement may be purchased temporarily.

Personal Watercraft (PWC), such as jet ski's can sometimes be difficult to insure due to a high number of accidents. About 95 percent of PWC operators are at fault for their accidents. If you own a personal watercraft you would want to purchase insurance coverage including bodily injury, property damage, liability, and theft.

Typical Boat Insurance Coverage
Before purchasing boat insurance Boat Insurance Quote .net would like to inform you of what is typically covered under boat insurance. 

Typical boat insurance covers:

Damage to Hull Fittings
Deck chair 
Permanently attached equipment 
Property damage to someone else's property 
Bodily injury- injuries to another person 
Medical payments 
Passenger liability 
Bimimi top 
Bilge pump 
Fire extinguisher 
Depth finder 

Some others include: boat covers, fuel tank, boat furniture, tarp, trailer, solar panel, seat, oars, lights, life preservers, generator, horn, oven, refrigerator and the motor or engine.


The State of Texas requires drivers including motorcycle riders to prove financial responsibility for any accidents that they may cause. Purchasing liability insurance is a popular way of demonstrating the required responsibility.

At present, an estimated 20% of drivers including motorcycle riders in Texas are uninsured. A minimum required insurance coverage has been set by law in order to reduce this number. If a biker in Texas chooses insurance to prove financial liability, one must have the following minimum liability coverage:

- $30,000 bodily injury coverage for one person in an accident
- $60,000 bodily injury coverage total per accident

 - $25,000 property damage coverage per accident

Separate liability coverage is required for passengers on insured rider’s bike. Helmet requirement in Texas is not affected by vehicle insurance.

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​Personal Lines consists of many different types of insurance. No matter what the need, we will help you tailor the best policy to cover all of your property from Auto, Home, Marine, Jewelry, Motorcycle, RV and much more. Ask to speak with one of our highly qualified, licensed representatives to get a quote today! 

Personal Lines insurance coverage can be confusing, but we’re here to make it easier. At Kuykendall Insurance, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate car insurance coverage for your needs.

Business and Commercial Insurance

It doesn't matter if you are a Small Business owner or a Fortune 500 company when it comes to coverage for your business, we stand by our philosophy. We want to make sure you have the right coverage at the right price. We believe that you should not have to give up one for the other. We work for YOU and we are here to answer your questions, process your endorsements and take care of all of your insurance needs. Finding you coverage that is tailor made for your business is what we do best so you can get back to what you do best.


Homeowners insurance provides specific hazard protection and liability insurance to covered policy holders against covered risks to their house and property. House insurance policies contain specific coverage against specific named perils. These perils include fire, lightning, windstorm, hail damage, damage cause by explosion, civil riots, civil disturbance, aircraft, vehicle, smoke, volcanic eruption, falling objects, weight of ice, snow, sleet and even freeze damage to plumbing, heating, air conditioning or household appliance. Additionally perils covered by a home insurance policy also include protection from loss of theft, glass breakage, vandalism or malicious mischief and damage from a sudden and accidental discharge of an artificially generated electrical current or damage caused by sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging of a heating/air-conditioning system, a fire-prevention sprinkler system or an appliance for heating water.

Named perils commonly excluded from homeowners policies (be sure to check for specific exclusions) may include damage caused by flood, earthquake, war, nuclear accidents or earth movement. Many home owners however, often buy endorsements or separate coverage specifically protecting them from these type of hazards.

In situations where the covered policy holder owns personal possessions of some value, additional endorsements covering these possessions can be added as well. Jewelry, artwork, firearms, technical and electronic equipment, and other valuables can be protected with these separate endorsements. To cover especially valuable items like these, homeowners need to know the specific guidelines they have to follow in order to ensure that their possessions are insured against any hazard of concern. These guidelines may include directions like taking photos and keeping sales receipts for valuables insured in this manner.


​​Bodily Injury Protection
Bodily Injury Protection protects you against financial loss when you are held legally responsible for an automobile accident causing injury or death to someone else. 

Property Damage Liability
Property Damage Liability covers you against financial loss if you are found liable for damage to other people’s property (e.g. light poles, fences, another vehicle, etc.) caused by your auto

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury
This auto insurance coverage pays bodily injury or death expenses for you and any passengers in your vehicle up to your policy limits if you're struck by a driver who doesn’t have insurance, or if you’re struck by a “hit-and-run” driver that you cannot identify.

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

This car insurance coverage pays for damage to your vehicle when it is struck by an uninsured driver, a hit-and-run driver, or an insured driver whose Property Damage Liability limit is inadequate to cover the property damage losses incurred.
Personal Injury Protection (No-Fault)
This auto insurance coverage pays benefits for the cost of personal injuries resulting from an automobile accident. Coverage applies without regard to who was at fault in the accident. 

Medical Payments
This auto insurance coverage pays reasonable and necessary medical expenses, up to the selected limits, directly resulting from an auto accident. 

Collision coverage pays for damage to your covered vehicle (up to its actual cash value), less the deductible amount, for losses caused by collision. 

Comprehensive coverage, which is other than collision coverage, pays for damage to your covered vehicle (up to actual cash value), less the deductible amount, as a result of damage caused by events such as fire, theft, glass breakage, riot, windstorm and hail.

There can also be Customization, Rental, Towing and Auto Death Indemnity.
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